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Songwriting & Collaboration

Songwriting can be a frustrating craft, especially when you hit creative blocks. This is why collaboration is so important! While it doesn't guarantee smooth sailing, collaborating definitely offers new life into your music, by bouncing ideas, perspectives and sharing skills with one another!

When collaborating with other artists, whether in songwriting, production, or session work, I believe in fostering an open exchange of ideas, and to articulate my vision for the piece, whilst not staying too attached as ideas tend to change and evolve. One memorable experience was working with my friend and fellow artist Ken Loh on our song "Running Out of Things to Blame." Initially envisioned as a love song, we felt the need to change things up in our writing, after crafting a particularly heartbreaking piece. However, after a few hours and only two corny lines to show for it, we decided to pivot completely. The song transformed into a poignant exploration of the slow, painful unraveling of a long-term relationship (not much of a love song at all). I've included links to my artist collaborations below if you're interested in listening.

Whether you are drafting a potential song or just practising your songwriting skills, you want to be able to try new things and not overthink the process. Be an open book to let your authentic ideas fill the page!

Go into the session with a positive and playful mindset.

Happy creating folks!!

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