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New Year, New Me?

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the 'New Year, New Me' posts, filled with goals and the pressure of not having achieved certain milestones, like owning that Range Rover you've been eying off. We'll share some valuable tips on staying on track with your singing goals, ensuring continuous development and progress in 2024!

1) What are your singing goals for this year?

At the start of each year, I ask myself and my students: "What do you want to achieve?" Some response include "building confidence through performing", "continuous vocal development & trying new things" and "singing confidently in front of family".

There are so many amazing things we can achieve if we put our mind to it! So start out by writing out your Top 3 Singing Goals You can be as specific as you like; When do you want to achieve the goal? What steps do you need to take to achieve it? Write them out. You can find our Goal Sheet at the bottom of the page to help with your Goal Setting!

2) Small consistent practise is key! Establish the habit of practice by scheduling 15-minute sessions three times a week. Add it to your diary, calendar, and set reminders for accountability. Scientifically proven, consistent smaller chunks of practice are more achievable than lengthy sessions. Tracking your progress in a practice journal can also benefit in efficient and reflective practise.

3) Set up a nice practise space

Environment impacts optimal practice! Personally, I like to practise in the morning in my spare room and create a relaxing mood by filling the room with essential oils. Comfortable spaces make such a significant difference. Some students prefer the car or living room. Find your space and start singing!

4) Touch base with your teacher

Feeling lost or feeling like you are not hitting your goals? Talk to your singing teacher. Remember motivation ebbs and flows, we can help rekindle motivation and reassess your singing goals for 2024!

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