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Working With Voices
A certification and training program for professions
work with or teach contemporary singing voices

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Elevate your teaching skills and voice knowledge

Intakes open soon for the Working With Voices course.

An online & hybrid certification and training program for singing teachers, vocalists, producers and like-minded voice professionals

If you are considering working with voices as part of your creative portfolio, are a singing teacher starting out, or perhaps you feel you may require a skill refresh or update, we welcome you to join the Working With Voices program as a collegiate client.

Working With Voices

Working With Voices is a bespoke and evidence-based training program tailored for those who work with or teach the contemporary singing voice within their own creative practice - singing teachers, vocal arrangers, music teachers, performance coaches, producers and the like...
The course intensely covers the following - from starting or growing your voice-related business, through to voice science, pedagogical strategies, resources to use in your own teaching and both legal and ethical 
  • Branding your own unique practice - Understand your own personal, creative preferences, strengths and weaknesses, and get to the heart of what you really want to build into your creative practice as a teacher, coach or voice-related professional

  • Learn how to grow a sustainable creative practice around your strengths as a creative, and avoid the many common pitfalls of taking on the wrong type of client/student (wrong for you...perfect for another).

  • A practical and functional understanding of vocal physiology and holistic modalities used in voice and singing

  • Diagnostic skills and improved critical listening skills: how to hear what your client needs to change in order to sing well

  • Acoustics of human sound

  • Vocalist client archetypes and how these concepts relate to the singer, the teacher, and the studio

  • Musicianship and music concepts to singers of different levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Artistic

  • How to build lasting teaching relationships that support varied and diverse student needs

  • Tech skills for teaching and performing

  • Advanced contemporary singing styles and the physiological underpinnings for each

  • Ethics, privacy and values within the studio

  • How to (and why) avoid student co-dependency and support independent, artistically creative outcomes

  • Business and financial practices

  • Collaborative teaching skills and how to work across performance and allied health professions (for both private studios and for teaching in schools or tertiary institutions)

  • Crucial child-safety practices and how to understand and implement child-safety legislation into your creative/studio practice

  • Important Legal practices

  • Troubleshooting: What to do when things don't work in your studio or creative practice

Work with Voice Lecturer, Researcher & Studio Director, Dr. Veronica Stewart:

Veronica's portfolio as a contemporary singing and voice teacher, performer, studio founder, researcher and lecturer is both broad and in-depth. Starting from a home studio in 2005, the Sydney Voice Studio has now served thousands of students nationally and internationally, sharing the art of singing and creative voice.


Vee has presented on her research and related voice/singing topics in Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil and Sweden, and has been featured in The Sunday Telegraph, Body + Soul and Australian Voice. She has held positions as contemporary voice lecturer within the postgraduate studies for The Australian Institute of Music, and as a long-standing sessional academic at Macquarie University, with over a decade of experience in teaching, facilitation and the nuanced delivery of content to her students.

To learn more about Veronica, view her director and teacher bio here.

Who is this course for?

​This course is for you, if you align with the following:

  • You currently have or are beginning a creative practice with a studio coaching/teaching component, full-time, part-time, or as a side-gig

  • Work within contemporary singing styles, such as Pop, Rock, R&B, Soul, Folk, The Blues, Jazz, Fusion and contemporary forms of Musical Theatre

  • Are a singing teacher looking to deepen your knowledge about the ins and outs of singing itself, but already have some foundational knowledge about the singing voice.

  • Are a voice-related professional who runs a creative practice or studio, and who works with singing voices a lot. You might find it frustrating communicating with singers in ways they understand, or would like to understand how contemporary singing is explored by elite singers.

  • You want to learn how to financially, legally and ethically protect your creative practice and studio.

Intakes are by application and deposit; Please note the 2024 course is currently being expanded, and further details will be included here shortly.

Express your interest and join the application waitlist

If you are interested in joining, please apply below:

Veronica will contact you for a short chat to ascertain your goals, requirements and to discuss if this course is a good fit for you.

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