Singing Lessons for Adult Beginners

Singing lessons and voice training for adults with little or no background in music/singing

Singing Lessons and Voice Training for Adult Beginners


Discover what your voice can do, even if you have no background in music or singing


​For adult beginners, singing lessons focus on developing the following:

Confidence,  confidence, confidence! In order to truly enjoy singing - whether for yourself or for others, we aim to develop your confidence during lessons.

The basics of singing: Good breathing, posture, alignment and learning how these elements influence and improve singing.

Vocal technique, how to control the voice and how to sound expressive. 

Music skills, collaboration and working with their teacher/live accompaniment

Performance, stage and audio equipment skills if relevant. Interestingly, not all of our adult students perform nor care to - many simply sing for the joy of it!

As most of our adult students require flexible lesson times due to work and other commitments, we offer a casual rate for one-off lessons or can reserve a time each week. 

We are constantly inspired by seeing our adult students develop and are always thrilled when adult beginners begin to show confidence in their singing.

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