Adult Beginners and the Joy of Singing


Singing is often a unique and sometimes daunting experience for many interested adults. While challenging, singing is also exciting, fun, calming and great for your mind, body and soul! It is a way of safely experiencing emotion through song, or learning how to let go of a fear of performance or public speaking (as singing in public is - biased here - undoubtedly harder!)

Even with little or no background in music/singing, adult students improve at a pace that is consistent, enjoyable, challenging, fun and inspiring.

The many wellbeing benefits or singing are well-researched. These include a reduction of stress hormones, an increase in serotonin and oxytocin, and an increase in self-confidence when speaking or singing in public. You do not need to be 'talented' or 'born with it' to enjoy these benefits. Singing is a learned skill.


With the right guidance and a caring learning environment, you can improve your singing voice and enjoy the many benefits it brings for life.

​For adult beginners, singing lessons focus on developing your voice and aural/hearing skills for music, and to work on songs that become more complex (and fun) to do as you progress (which you will!).

Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I have to perform?

Nope! Not all of our adult students perform nor care to - many simply sing for the joy of it!​ There is no pressure to perform at any of our in-studio gigs and concerts. If you are interested in challenging yourself however, we'll get you there and won't hold you back! Our in-studio performance gigs for our adult students are small, and for friends and family only. 

Can I sing and write songs as part of a holistic therapy plan?

We have students who come to our studio with an aim to use singing and songwriting as a helpful tool to move through and process emotional periods of life - including grief, trauma, learning or behavioural concerns, and stress. If this is something that resonates with you, we highly recommend connecting us with your accredited counsellor and/or psychologist so we may ensure your sessions are paced appropriately. For such purposes, we recommend sessions with Principal Teacher, Nicole Issa (Psychology major), and Dr. Veronica Stewart. 

Are my teachers professional singers? I'm a little embarrassed to sing in front of them!

Yes, our teachers are experienced singers and musicians, each with tertiary backgrounds in music, performance, psychology and music research...yet are the first to admit that in the wide world of contemporary music and singing, there is always something new to learn. We are life-long learners too, and are kind and inquisitive in our approach to teaching.


I am singing to surprise my spouse, family, friends...can we keep this under wraps?

Absolutely! Funnily enough, we have gone to lengths to protect "secret singers" from family finding out (such as singing for weddings, and special occasions). Lessons and session content, as per our studio-wide policy, are confidential in nature, particularly as singing can sometimes feel cathartic and moving for some. 

Do I have to do exams or homework? 

Lesson content moves at your pace - with some reasonable expectation of implementable homework. We know how busy our adult students are, and often "practice" is the lesson itself! However as improvement comes through short, consistent practices that can be integrated into daily life. You do not need special equipment and can sing anywhere you like. 


We are constantly inspired by seeing our adult students develop and are always thrilled when adult beginners begin to show confidence in their singing.

Getting Started

To get started, please book an introductory voice lesson and assessment with any of our teachers or contact our studio. From there, you may choose to continue as a casual student or as an ongoing student.