Adult Beginners and the joy of singing

Even with little or no background in music/singing, adult learners improve at a pace that is enjoyable, challenging, fun and inspiring.

Learning how to sing...


Singing is often a unique and sometimes daunting experience for many adults. While challenging, singing is also exciting, fun, calming and great for your mind, body and soul!


With the right guidance and a caring learning environment, you can improve your singing and enjoy the many benefits it brings for life.

​For adult beginners, singing lessons focus on developing your voice and aural/hearing skills for music, and to work on songs that become more complex (and fun) to do as you progress (which you will!).

Performance as Adults

Not all of our adult students perform nor care to - many simply sing for the joy of it!​ There is no pressure to perform at any of our in-studio gigs and concerts, unless you or your teacher feel this challenge is of interest. If you are interested in developing for performance...we'll get you there and won't hold you back! Our in-studio performance gigs are small, and for friends and family only. Adults perform separately, along with our singer-songwriters and artists.


Paced Learning & Improvement

Lesson content moves at your pace - as improvement comes through short, consistent practices that can be integrated into daily life! We are constantly inspired by seeing our adult students develop and are always thrilled when adult beginners begin to show confidence in their singing.

Getting Started

To get started, please book an introductory voice lesson and assessment with any of our teachers or contact our studio. From there, you may choose to continue as a casual student or as a weekly student.