Our Resident Teachers + Artists


We live and breathe music and enjoy sharing our passion with our students with a collective 30+ yrs of experience in singing and vocal pedagogy, songwriting, live performance, recording, musicianship, self-accompaniment, music research and the music industry. 


All of our teachers and studio staff are trained in child-safety for both online and in-studio teaching contexts and hold current NSW Government/Office of the Children's Guardian Working with Children checks. 


Dr  Veronica Stewart


Researcher - Programs and Pedagogy

Dr Veronica Stewart is our studio director, founder, program researcher and writer.  She has worked with students 5-95 years, and has rubbed shoulders with musicians from all walks of life - from singing and volunteering to share music and voice skills in homeless shelters, through to performing alongside Aria award nominees and Grammy award winners. Vee is a doting parent, singer, educator, researcher and author who enjoys passing on the many transferrable and transformative skills that singing and performance brings to students of all ages. Her interests include singing for personal development and wellbeing, music education, music creativity and flow states, and songwriting.

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Teaching Availability:

Monday or by request

Contact: veronica@sydneyvoicestudio.com.au


Nicole Issa

B.Mus, B.Psych, Singer-Songwriter & APRA Member

Principal Voice Teacher | Student Engagement

Nicole Issa is an established singer, songwriter and recording artist who holds a double degree in Music and Psychology from Macquarie University. A popular performer and backing vocalist, Nicole has supported fellow Australian artists such as Mark Wilkinson and Ackers and has lent her voice for fellow artist, ARIA nominee Odette, during her Lotus Eaters tour (Sydney) and "Take It To The Heart" music video, and Triple JJJ Like A Version performance of "Magnolia" (Gangs of Youth). Nicole enjoys working with singers and students of all ages, and has a keen interest in  HSC performance, singer wellbeing, performance coaching and songwriting + industry preparation.

Teaching Availability:

Monday to Thursday

Contact: nicole@sydneyvoicestudio.com.au


Alyssa Cavaleri

B.Mus, Singer-Songwriter & APRA Member

Principal Voice Teacher | Student Development


A passionate musician, Alyssa holds a Bachelor of Music from JMC Academy and is currently recording her original work for release in 2021. Her positive and gentle approach to learning singing and music is consistently praised by our adult students and families alike. Alyssa performs regularly and is a huge fan of Jazz, Pop, RnB and Soft Rock. Alyssa is known for being a diverse singer who brings passion and versatility towards the different stylistic needs of each genre.  Alyssa loves supporting other individuals through their own musical journeys, whether that be in professional music settings or simply singing for personal enjoyment.



Teaching Availability:

Monday to Wednesday

Contact: alyssa@sydneyvoicestudio.com.au


Prithvi Singh

B.Mus, Singer-Songwriter & APRA Member

Associate Voice Teacher | Resource & Events

Prith is a Sydney based RnB singer-songwriter and performer who is now in the process of releasing his first debut album (2021). Becoming interested in music from the age of 8, he began his musical journey playing piano. It wasn’t until the age of 15 that he began playing guitar and taking singing and music performance as a serious career choice. As his love for music grew, he started performing at school and various events such as holding the lead role for ‘Wakakirri", Australia’s largest performing arts event for schools. Since these humble beginnings, he has since completed his degree in contemporary voice, music and performance at Sydney's  JMC Academy. An avid songwriter, Prith assists our students in areas of voice development, performance, songwriting and music theory.


Teaching Availability:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

Contact: prithvi@sydneyvoicestudio.com.au

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Ava Calabria

Singer, Current Student: Bachelor of Management (UTS)

Junior Singing Teacher & Teaching Assistant

Ava works with young voices and beginners under the training and supervision of our studio director, Dr. Veronica Stewart. Ava holds a background in both elite Music and Sport, having achieved a high Band 6 result for her HSC along with many statewide performances under her belt, and through her background as an elite athlete and national representative of the Women's National Ice Hockey League. Ava enjoys all facets of singing and greatly appreciates the connection between the body and the voice, given her experience in both the discipline of high-level sport and music performance. She is currently undertaking her degree in Business Management with The University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and has a fun, can-do approach to teaching and teamwork.

Teaching Availability for Children & Teen Beginners

Wednesdays and Saturdays

Contact: ava@sydneyvoicestudio.com.au

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Vanessa Cecconi

Singer, Current Student: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (UNSW)

Junior Singing Teacher & Teaching Assistant


Vanessa works with young voices and beginners under the training and supervision of our studio director, Dr. Veronica Stewart. Having been a student of our studio for eight (8) years, Vanessa understands the many facets of singing, musicianship, performance and the development stages of young voices: "Being able to help a student see their potential and watching them grow their confidence" is an element of teaching that inspires her kind, calm and gentle approach to learning. She is currently undertaking her degree in Occupational Therapy with The University of New South Wales (UNSW) and hopes to combine the benefits of singing and her experience as a singer and musician, in her career as an occupational and/or music therapist in future.

Teaching Availability for Children & Teen Beginners

Thursdays and Saturdays - 

Contact: vanessa@sydneyvoicestudio.com.au