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Ever wanted to learn how to sing but feel too intimidated as an adult beginner?

Discover how to overcome fear, a dislike for your voice, or the intimidation that comes with singing in front of others and start singing with little to no experience in music through our new course:

Singing for Adult Beginners

Are you an Adult Beginner with a Curiosity for Singing?
Do you Find Singing Intimidating or Elusive?

Join the waitlist for the December '23/January '24 round of our 8-module course: 
"Singing for Adult Beginners"

Thank you! We look forward to welcoming you this December!

Choir Performing on Stage

Designed with the Adult Beginner Singer in mind:

Singing for Adult Beginners

is a new online 8-module course that will help you discover the magic and freedom of singing.
No Jargon, No Music Theory, No Intimidating Teacher to Impress.
Just an easy-to-understand course that will help you improve your voice, move past your fear and find joy in singing.

Includes 8 Online Modules of Course Content
+ 4 Zoom Live Classes

Each module includes 2-3 video lectures, vocal tracks, a practice routine & downloadable Workbook + 8 original learning songs that make it easy to explore your voice.

PLUS Join 4 Live Zoom Classes & Q&A sessions

In pure hybrid learning, join any or all of the Live Zoom Classes & Q&A Sessions with Dr. Veronica Stewart to help you progress and cover module content over 3 months.

Each Live Zoom class is offered at different times (morning & evening) and are recorded and accessible via your course portal.

Join the waitlist for the December '23/January '24 round of our 8-module course: 
"Singing for Adult Beginners"

Thank you! We look forward to welcoming you this December!

What our Adult students say about how we approach singing...


You can be as serious or as casual about your singing journey as you like - there’s no judgement from the teachers, as it’s totally up to you and what you want to achieve.


Laura M.
(Verified by Google)


If I could give Sydney Voice Studio more than five stars, I would. I gotta say

how positively impactful

it’s been on my vocal development. 

David C.
(Verified by Google)


Love everything about here, from the close knit family feeling, and the


and kindness that all of

the teachers have.

Matthew K
(Verified by Google)


The teachers are kind and considerate, as well as being good fun and

extremely competent. I’m

just sorry that I didn’t do it years ago.

John P.
(Verified by Google)

Our aim is to teach the craft of singing in a way that is absolutely attainable - easy to understand, easy to implement and enjoyable to learn. 

And...we offer a money-back guarantee
We believe in the way we've designed and crafted our new course, and are pretty confident in how we approach and teach our wonderful much so that if you don't find improvement, inspiration and joy in discovering the art of singing after completing the course, we will happily refund your fee upon checking you've taken part and completed all module assessments.

Meet your teacher...Dr Veronica Stewart aka Vee!

After running the Sydney Voice Studio - one of Australia's largest bespoke creative studios just for singing - over the last 12 years, we've met THOUSANDS of adult singers who feel overwhelmed, intimidated or just plain unaware about learning how to sing - too quickly, singing is placed in a "you've got to have talent" bucket. 

In an age where singing is made to be about competition, reality tv and celebrity-hood, I wanted to do something that really caters to the MAJORITY (yes, the majority) of singers out there - the Adult vocalist who may be starting out in singing, who simply wants to sing for personal fulfilment, or maybe to have the courage to sing in front of friends, family or their community.

I truly believe this is a craft everyone can enjoy and learn, and is one that you can lean into for enjoyment, wellbeing, solace and connection...for life.

So if this is of interest, I look forward to meeting you through the course to share my 20+ years of knowledge, experience and joy for this wonderful artform.

To learn more about my background as a professional singer, music researcher and lecturer, click here
I'm also new on Instagram! Connect with me on @drveronicastewart

View the course book below...and I look forward to meeting you son!
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