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Singing Lessons for Young Singers, Teens & HSC Students

Develop vocal, musicianship and artistic skill

We nurture the talent, musicianship, and artistic skill of young vocalists

Singing holds so many benefits to your teen's sense of expression, identitywellbeing, confidence and academic skill.

During this time, the voice undergoes rapid change so we aim to help young singers develop and improve their technique the right way.

We work with students to:

Extend what their voice can do through technical exercises, songs and performance coaching

Learn how how their wonderful voice works!

Choose songs that are both enjoyable and challenging in genres like Pop, Musical Theatre, Rock, R&B, Indie and Folk

While young voices are changing, we focus on vocal exploration and experimentation, aural skills, and musicianship

Extend stage confidence and performance skills

Self-accompaniment skills on Guitar or Piano

Songwriting skills

For HSC Students, we train singers with a goal to attain Band 6 results and work with students from Year 10/11.

To start private singing lessons at our studio, choose one of the options below.

All ongoing lessons fees include weekly lessons, school holiday workshops and participation at any in-studio performance event.


Getting Started

Book an Introductory Lesson to learn more about lessons and to trial a session.

To immediately enrol and reserve a weekly time, choose a preferred lesson type and click the ongoing option at the end of your booking.

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