Our policies and procedures


Thank you for being a part of our studio!

By engaging our studio and our teachers, we thank you for considering and accepting the following terms, conditions, policies and procedures:


General lesson procedures

Students are encouraged to arrive to their lesson 5-10mins early in order to be relaxed and prepared for their lesson. It is expected that students will bring their materials to each lesson, however we also keep copies of all materials in studio for each student. 


Our studio provides free Wi-Fi for students and families.

Covid-19 Procedures:

Please note that during the Covid-19 period, we have specific hygiene, distancing and patron tracking procedures in place. Please click here for our updated Covid-19 safety procedures. To see our online setup requirements for Zoom lessons, click here. It is a mandatory Child Safety requirement of our studio that all participants of childrens group classes have their video on at all times.

Video/sound recording during lessons for the purposes of personal study (and not for online publishing) is permitted after a teacher is advised. Please do not record your lesson without your teacher knowing. We encourage students to avoid publishing themselves singing until they reach a certain level of skill and to always discuss this with their teacher and parent/guardian, due to the risks of social media harassment, bullying, and various issues that many singers may experience online.

If students are allowed to travel alone to their lesson (such as from school), please advise us of this in writing. In typical circumstances, and for very young students, parents are required to drop-off and pick-up their child as close to their lesson/class time as possible. If a student is required to be dropped off earlier or picked up later, please let us know and we will endeavour to accomodate this where possible. Teachers are busy while teaching and therefore we cannot always watch over waiting students.

We ask that parents avoid communicating with students and teachers during lessons except for reasonable instances or where teachers relay information (such as homework and practice requirements) to parents. This is ensure our lessons run on time and as structured.

We are open all throughout the year, except for the Christmas/New Year break and most Public Holidays. Lessons continue throughout the School Holidays.


Our cancellation policies are as follow:


Term-Based Singers: Lesson times from 3:30-7:30pm are reserved for Term-Based singers. To cancel a term-based enrolment for both private tuition and/or classes, 14 days notice is required and fees are billed up until the end of your chosen term period (5-week or 10-week). We offer homework and/or access to up to one workshop per term in lieu of any missed lessons. Term-based enrolments reserve a fixed weekly placement for singers and our teachers; as such, lessons cannot be re-scheduled on an ad-hoc basis and all changes require 14 days notice. 

Casual or Fortnightly Bookings: Casual lessons may be booked up to two weeks in advance. Once a lesson time is reserved for you, re-scheduling your lesson requires 48 hours notice. If you miss your lesson due to a late cancellation, you will be provided with homework by email and/or access to up to one stream workshop per term in lieu of the missed lesson.

Workshops and Holiday Programs: Registrations are taken up until the start of each workshop/program. 7 days is required to cancel a registration or full fees are payable.

Other Classes/Sing@Home Memberships: 14 days is required to cancel your enrollment or membership. Memberships cannot be cancelled before the end of the agreed membership period (3-month or 6-month).



Where a student is unwell, please advise us by text asap. Our cancellation policies apply to cases of illness however teacher discretion and schedule availability is used to ascertain whether a make-up lesson can be re-scheduled. 



Lesson fees must be up to date prior to each lesson.

Discounts only apply where lessons are paid by Week 1 of each term. 

Term payments are due by the first Friday of each term. Lessons will be placed on pause if payments are not received by Week 2 of each term or if casual lessons are paid late.

We are an approved Creative Kids provider. To use your voucher, please email your voucher to sing@sydneyvoicestudio.com.au.

Music, Materials & External Performances:

Where sheet music, charts and other materials (such as backing tracks, examination books, audition manuals, etc.) are required by students and sourced/provided by our teachers for the purposes of lesson/content, costs incurred are payable by the student.


HSC and/or professional singers who require our teachers/singers to travel and/or perform at rehearsals, external performances, examinations and/or auditions, a call-out performance fee applies.


Bullying & Harassment Policy

The Sydney Voice Studio is committed to each student’s success in learning within a caring, responsive, and safe environment that is free of discrimination, violence, and bullying. Our studio works to ensure that all students have the opportunity and support to develop to their fullest potential.


We require all students and families to maintain respectful behaviour in all lessons, all classes/studio events/performances towards teachers and fellow students/singers, and other parents. We also require all students and families to display respect towards our students and teachers in all online correspondence, including social media, email and/or related forums.


Our teachers have the right to withhold our services from students in instances where disrespectful behaviour towards our teachers and/or any of our students (online, in studio or externally, such as school concerts) is displayed.

Our studio adheres to the national guidelines, policies and rules in relation to bullying: see www.stopbullyingnoway.gov.au


Child Safety Policy

Our studio adheres to the state guidelines, policies and principles on child safety in accordance with the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian: see www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/child-safe-organisations/child-safe-principles. We have a specific child-safe policy in place and welcome parents/guardians to read this policy. These principles are as follow:

Principle 1: The organisation focuses on what is best for children
Principle 2: All children are respected and treated fairly
Principle 3: Children’s families and communities are welcome and encouraged to participate in the organisation
Principle 4: Children receive services from skilled and caring adults


Should singers and families require to discuss any issues in relation to student improvement, behaviour or if there is any information that can assist our teachers in supporting parents and students, please call (02) 9745 4008, 0411 506 204 or email us at sing@sydneyvoicestudio.com.au