Voice Training & Performance Coaching for Advanced & Professional Singers

Address specific vocal issues or performance difficulties by working with a singing teacher and vocal/performance coach

Technique, Voice Care & Creative/Music Development for Advanced & Professional Singers


Improve and care for your voice, and develop your ability without losing your own individual voice and artistic style

Advanced singers - either serious vocalists, musicians and/or recording artists, performing artists and professional singers - don't come to our studio for "singing lessons" per se as they often already can sing incredibly well.

For these singers, sessions are incredibly specific and individual. Many of the advanced singers, artists and professional singers we see come to us for a string of lessons or one-off vocal "maintenance" sessions that revolve around one or more of the following:

  • Rehearse repertoire and performance sets

  • To work on difficult sections of songs under the guidance of a singing teacher and performance coach - a fresh set of ears and eyes to watch over difficult song sections and to offer adjustments or suggestions where required

  • Artistic development, creative exploration and songwriting if required - though for many, these elements are already well established. 

  • Further develop musicianship, collaboration and working with accompaniment, producers and industry contexts

  • Recording skills and performance skills

Singers, vocalists and fellow voice professionals refer singers to us for:

  • Habilitating singing techniques that facilitate efficient singing and voice use and to avoid vocal tension, strain or difficult singing.

  • Settling the voice after a long period of heavy use or bringing the voice back from over-use.

  • Where required, we may refer singers to a vocal care team (such as an ENT, speech therapist or voice therapist).

  • Developing good vocal health habits and how to care for the voice.

Most of our advanced and professional singers book sessions in casually and as-needed/required. ​

All of our professional singing and voice students/clients also get access to our studio and rehearsal spaces as required and where available.

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