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Singing and Performance Coaching for Advanced and Professional Singers

A higher level of vocal creativity & skill: Science based vocal training and performance coaching for industry and tertiary study


Advanced singers and vocalists from Industry or Tertiary come to our studio for a variety of reasons and often come in "as needed" to fix, adjust or improve areas of their singing and voice. Our work is based off current evidence-based vocal pedagogy and voice science, coupled with our experience with industry requirements and tertiary undergraduate/postgraduate assessment outcomes.

Session content usually includes:​

Rehearse repertoire and performance sets

Improve unstable airflow and establish correct breathing

Mixing & improving registration/range

Improve ability to control dynamics, tone/timbre and resonance

To work on difficult sections of songs and offer adjustments or suggestions where required

To discover more complex and difficult repertoire and extend your skill

Further develop musicianship, collaboration and working with accompaniment, producers and industry contexts

Higher level recording skills and performance skills

Better knowledge of vocal sound and acoustics

Caring for your voice:

Habilitating singing techniques that facilitate efficient singing and voice use and to avoid vocal tension, strain or difficult singing.

Settling the voice after a long period of heavy use or over-use.

Where required, we refer singers to a vocal care team (such as an ENT, speech therapist or voice therapist).

Developing good vocal health habits and learning how to care for the voice.

Getting Started:

To start, book an introductory session to. Alternatively, if you require a 'true' lesson straight away, please contact us with your requirements or progress with the booking link below to book a lesson with any of our teachers.

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