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Group Singing Classes for Children Aged 5-12yrs

We teach the joy and magic of singing through small group classes that will inspire your child to explore their voice and improve their music and singing skills

There are many benefits to learning singing in a small group setting - from brain development through to academic skills and improved neural connections that support learning, a sense of calm and coordination.


And of's the creativity, play and the pure fun of singing with friends! 


For particularly shy kids, it is a chance to slowly develop the courage to perform by singing alongside others in unison. 


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Join a FREE class trial any time!

Classes run throughout school term and the school holidays

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Classes run throughout the week and you can start anytime - Classes continue throughout school holidays and summer break!


F. A. Q. for Our Singing Classes

How does enrolment work?

  • Ongoing Classes = 10 Classes every 3 Months: To get started, book your preferred class, day and time. Your first week will always be FREE! Then, if continuing, you will be automatically enrolled into 10 consecutive weekly classes and billed every 3 months. You can re-schedule and change classes in your student portal once enrolled.

Do the classes run by the NSW Public School Term?

  • No, please kindly note we do not run our studio alongside the NSW Public School Term. Our classes continue throughout the school and summer holidays and you can start anytime.

How many classes are included in the 3-monthly fees?

  • Fees are $295 per 3 months

  • 10 classes are included and must be used within the 3-month period.

  • This format allows ease for any missed classes, public holidays* and school holiday breaks - if you miss or stop for a couple of weeks, simply use any remaining classes upon return.

But 3 months includes 12-13 weeks? Does this mean my child takes a break after 10 classes/weeks?

  • In short answer, Yes! We know most young ones require a short break, before returning fresh and ready to sing again. Or, they might catch an illness or have other commitments that pop up, which can be difficult for parents and teachers alike to arrange make-ups for.

  • Our enrolment format therefore allows "wiggle room" for when life happens.

  • If you miss a week or two due to a needed break (such as school holidays or illness), simply use any remaining classes upon return, or you can even attend the same class but on a different day. 

  • We simply ask that all 10 classes are attended within the 3 month period as we cannot roll them over as credit.

I need to change my child's attendance or amend their enrolment

  • No problem, you can login to our student portal and change any upcoming class bookings.

Amazing! How about the performances, when are these held?

  • We offer a casual performance opportunity for our young students (both class and private students) called "Echo On". This is held once per 3-4 months. Once a class is ready to sing a song, we will invite them to come along for a casual practice performance.

Are there extra fees to watch the performance?

  • Currently, No.

  • There are no extra ticketing fees for close friends and family and this is a lovely chance for our young singers to showcase their new skills in a low-pressure performance environment.

*How about public holidays and during Christmas closure period?

  • Please note we are closed during all public holidays and a 2-week Christmas Closure period. In these occasions, our billing continues however you may use class credit in the following ways:

    • Towards another class day/time within the 3 month period

    • Attend more classes in your next 3 month period or

    • Request a gift card to be shared with a friend to the value of the classes missed

We look forward to you joining us!

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