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An All-Creative, Cultural and Musical European Adventure!

Read on to share in our very own Brodie Baldwin's recent travels across Europe...

During my European travels, I immersed myself in diverse cultural, artistic and musical experiences, treasuring unforgettable experiences. Fortunate to explore more than 11 countries, I got to discover Polands deep cultural and historical roots, indulge in musical and artistic marvels in Italy and revel in nature's beauty in Spain and Croatia, and the list could go on, but here are some of my favourite creative and cultural experiences.

My journey began in London, first stop: West End. Immediately I was blown away by the vast amount of musicals and plays that were were showing, truly feeling spoilt for choice. I had enough time to see two amazing productions, Wicked (I could talk about this production forever) and Cabaret held in the Kit Kat Club (which was led by the incredible Aimee Lou Wood).

My next stop welcomed me with the sound of bagpipes alongside Gothic and Renaissance architecture, that place being none-other than Scotland. The sound of bagpipes echoed through the old town of Edinburgh which made me feel like I was in a fairy tale as I walked through the old cobblestone streets, quirky book stores whilst gazing upon castles and rolling hills.

Italy was a definite highlight, from listening to Vivaldi Four Seasons in an old church in Rome to floating bookshops in Venice, amazing street musicians, art from the likes of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, learning about the Medici family history and it's impacts, street art in Prague to visiting the ruins of Pompeii, every experience was so unique.

Returning to Sydney, I've definitely gained a fresh outlook and newfound creative drive with a deeper appreciation for the surrounding culture and history.

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