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Love to Sing?

Book a complimentary 30min voice + singing lesson online or in-studio with any of our teaching team.

Our friendly and passionate teachers work with students of all ages and walks of life with an aim to improve your voice + music knowledge, increase your confidence, and nurture your creativity. 

To book your complimentary 30min introductory vocal assessment + singing lesson between March 15 to April 30, please fill in your details below and let us know your best available time.

Thank you! One of our teachers will be in touch within a few hours!

School Holiday


Our award-winning school holiday programs are back in 2021!

The Singing Club and

The Songwriting Club 

will run April 6-12 and students can join online + digital or in-studio!

Children & Youth + HSC

We teach children and young singers in an inspiring, fun and confidence-building way, developing skills in singing, music, self-confidence, creativity and performance.  HSC Students are trained and supported to achieve Year 12 Music Syllabus criteria requirements from Yrs 10/11.

Adult Beginners

The benefits of learning singing to your mind, body and soul - whether it's for personal enjoyment, or to hone your skills for a special occasion - are assets held and enjoyed for life.

Advanced & Professional Voices

Strengthen and extend your vocal ability, develop advanced singing technique and musicianship skills, learn how your voice works and prepare for industry performance requirements.

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