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Discover the magic
and freedom of singing

Improve your voice, overcome a fear of singing and develop a love for one of the world's most popular artforms.
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Total Beginner? Join our new online course!
Singing for Adult Beginners
Doors are NOW OPEN for the January '24 intake!

Learn to sing without overwhelm, fear and intimidation through our new signature course designed specifically for Adult Beginners with no experience.

Hey, hey Singer!


We have helped thousands of students sing beautifully, 

move past their fears and experience the magic and freedom of singing over the past 12 years!

Maybe you're an adult beginner who would like to just enjoy singing to yourself and get over your fear of singing?


Are you a more seasoned vocalist who would like to gain an edge on your creative, technical and artistic practice?

If you're a parent of a young singer, there's nothing sweeter than hearing your child contently sing to themselves, or confidently in front of others.

Whatever your goals may be, we'll help you improve your voice, sound great and carve your own authentically personal and creative path through singing.

On behalf of our team, welcome to our studio! 

Dr. Veronica Stewart

Founder & Director, Sydney Voice Studio

Singing is an art

that brings together

mind, body, music and self-improvement.

Meet Our Team...

1-1 Singing Lessons
& Voice Coaching

Learn the foundations of expressive and efficient singing, avoid common pitfalls and have a lot of fun in the process as we increase your skill and self-confidence:


  • Online (Zoom) or In-Studio

  • 1-1 setting with one of our Principal Teachers or our Junior Teachers.

  • Casual Lessons: Book as you go or with a 5-lesson pass

  • Ongoing Lessons: We'll reserve the same time each week for you.

  • Join In-Studio performance events, when you're ready to perform.

  • Access member materials via the Sydney Voice Studio App (Apple App Store or Google Play)

  • To begin book an introductory lesson and vocal assessment below. 

Kind Words...

Sydney Voice Studio is a fabulous singing school! It’s very welcoming to people of all ages and abilities - including adult beginners just wanting to have some fun! It’s a small studio that has a warm and personal vibe. Prithvi is a joy as a teacher - he brings so much warmth and enthusiasm to each lesson and is super encouraging and supportive, always making you feel like you’re making good progress. You can be as serious or as casual about your singing journey as you like - there’s no judgement from the teachers, as it’s totally up to you and what you want to achieve. They also have some great online resources to support their students practicing at home!

Laura M.
Adult Beginner
Sydney, Australia

'Vee is a sensitive and patient teacher, very attentive to the student's individual voice and development needs. She is also positive and inspiring, focusing on what advice will help me move through difficulties rather than criticism. She has helped me get to understand my voice better, and improve what I can do with my it. I couldn't be more impressed with her teaching abilities.'

Joanne F.,
Professional Vocalist & Songwriter
Sydney, Australia

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