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Inspiration Through Live Music, Media and Culture

As singers, we all have those days where we lack inspiration or motivation to sing. Let's take a dive into some ways of gathering inspiration as a singer through current live music, movies and media, books and podcasts!


Not only will these movies have you dancing in your seat, they inspire you to keep expressing yourself creatively, here are my top picks of inspiring media.


Taking a look into Elton Johns career, the autobiographical musical drama, Rocketman is both an emotional and inspiring journey to watch, packed with songs everyone knows and loves!


Teacher Alyssa's recommendation so it must be good, is Disney's Soul taking you on a journey of true passion and what it really means to have soul. Accompanied with a beautiful jazz score composed by jazz musician Jon Batiste, who won a Golden Globe for Best Original Score in a Motion Picture.

Song Exploder

This TV series follows musicians creative process of songwriting and serves as a reminder that songwriting is a process. One of my favourite episodes of the series would have to be Volume 1, Episode 2 where Lin-Manuel Miranda breaks down his hit song 'Wait For It, from the critically acclaimed Broadway Musical, Hamilton.


Some books to help cultivate creativity, finding fulfilment and reaching a 'flow state' are; Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Recommended by our Studio Director Vee), Phosphorescence by Julia Baird and Mastery by George Leonard.


A great podcast for the Songwriters out there is Song Exploder, a podcast series where musicians pull apart their songs and share how they were created, following it's success adapted into a Netflix Documentary series.

Live Music

With many live music venues back in swing, Sydney has lots to offer! If you're in for a night of Jazz head to Lazybones Lounge or Camelot Lounge. Maybe you're feeling a live Drag Show, The Imperial is the place to be! Other popular live venues around Sydney include Oxford Art Factory, The Landsdowne Hotel and Enmore Theatre. Also check out some incredible Musical Theatre at the Opera House, Capitol Theatre, The Hayes and Theatre Royal.

“It is only when we take chances, when our lives improve"
- Walter Anderson

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Live music performances, such as concerts, music festivals, and open mic nights, can be a great source of inspiration. Watching talented musicians perform live, experiencing the energy of the crowd, and witnessing the artistry firsthand can ignite your own creativity and fuel your motivation to sing. By the way, such songs are becoming quite popular in nightclubs:

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