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Breathe Easy: A Workshop with Certified Buteyko Breathing Instructor, David McLeod


Gain the science behind better breathing...


This workshop is designed for singers, actors and presenters wanting to put an edge

on their performance by gaining an understanding of the science behind better



Using a combination of cognitive therapy and breathing techniques, David

enables clients and workshop participants to:

  • Create practical routines to diminish anxiety

  • Improve stamina and cognitive function

  • Acquire trouble shooting skills for vocal health and maintenance



About David McLeod


Born in Sydney 1960 David is an artist, musician and educator who grew up on the far South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. He studied Fine Art for two years, then pursued a career in music. Over the last 30 years he has enjoyed a rich and varied career as a singer and actor, and a music lecturer since 2003. This includes performance as a singer/songwriter, band leader, session and backup singer, featured artist and actor. He has been in numerous television series’ and received top shelf musical theatre credits, notably a Mo Award nomination for best supporting actor in a musical. His recording career spans three albums and one EP covering jazz, blues, original songs and cast recordings.


David experienced a pivotal moment in 1990 that began his own journey with performance anxiety. Breaking both bones in his leg center stage at the Theatre Royal in Sydney, playing the role of the American in “Chess”, David explored a variety of techniques to diminish pain and ever-growing anxiety. Training in Vipassana breathing and meditation was the catalyst that set him on the road to his own recovery and anxiety management. This lead to an ongoing exploration of the relationship between the breath and performance anxiety through a variety of other platforms, including a Masters in Music focusing on performance anxiety, and dovetailed perfectly into his career in education. Trained by Patrick McKeown and Mim Beim David is a certified Buteyko Practitioner.


David has been lecturing as a vocal and performance coach since 2002, specializing in performance anxiety and breathing techniques. He dedicates most of his time lecturing and supervising students at the Australian Institute of Music. He holds a M.Mus (AIM) – GDMus – GCMus (AIM), Dip Ed St (CoT, Lond), Cert Ed St Coes Theory (CoT, Lond), Cert Coes Practice (CoT, Lond), Cert IV Assessment and Workplace training, completed levels one and two of Estill voice workshops, is Certified Buteyko Practitioner (CertBBM) , and trained in Vipassana breathing and meditation techniques.


Engaged by Sydney Nursing Agency “Nurse Watch” David works with clients using art and music therapy as well as better breathing to diminish anxiety and promote well-being. Passionate about helping people perform confidently and to their highest potential, he created Big Breath Productions to teach musicians and non-musicians alike methods to successful performances of all kinds.


Schedule & Intake


  • Sunday, September 11, 2022

  • 1:00pm - 4:00pm

  • This workshop is capped at 12 people and runs for 3 hrs

  • Coffee and tea provided; please wear comfortable clothing

  • 14 days notice is required for all cancellations




I can highly advocate David’s work. David knows his physiology, there is no

guesswork. So carefully tailored are his sessions and practice. Worth the leap!


Lauren Neko

Academic lecturer, DJ, Owner Director Glossy Entertainment


The exercises David gave me to help reduce my reflux & strengthen my diaphragm

aligned perfectly with what my doctor in Mexico was asking me to do. David knows

his physiology & I felt lucky to have a vocal coach that was also a certified Buteyko

practitioner. We also worked with pronunciation & diction which improved my English

delivery immensely. Thank you, David, for your care and knowledge.


Paulina Pinete Quintero

International Undergraduate Student, AIM


David McLeod is an experienced and extremely passionate educator and performer.

I have watched first-hand the beautifully caring nature that he has towards his

students, creating an atmosphere of calm and positive energy. He is superb at

guiding his students in overcoming performance anxieties, confidence and negative

self-talk issues through his teachings. The workshops are a carefully crafted balance

of information, practical techniques, visual artwork, sound, breathing exercises, and

meditation – ensuring an all-encompassing experience.


Jason de Wilde

Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Academic Lecturer


I had the pleasure of participating in one of David’s performance anxiety workshops

last month. I found it greatly insightful and enjoyable, particularly the breathing

techniques. I’ve already begun to adopt them into my work preparation routine and

have found them to make a difference in lowering my performance anxiety. David is

a wonderful and passionate teacher with huge experience in this area. I would

recommend this workshop to anyone who has a performance element in their work -

whether that be performing on stage or giving a presentation. Thank you David. 


Ruby Chew

Artist, facilitator and DJ 

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