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Guided Practice Diary & Tracker - Printable PDF Resource


When we track something - in our case, the act of singing, vocal practice and integrating new voice concepts or techniques - we become more mindful and aware of what we are doing. It feels satisfying and confidence-building to accumulate the 'aha' moments that come through practice and experience. Practice becomes a lot more fun, as our efforts become more visible when we write them down. As our efforts become more visible, we pay more attention to the subtle shifts of our voice, aural skills and ability to creatively sing music.


This printable resource (PDF - 22 Pages Total) includes:


1. Why track practice

2. Areas of Focus and Sample List of Concepts within Technique, Musicianship and Creativity/Performance based on Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Level Singing.

3. Guided Practice Routines with sample templates, and blank templates for your own customised vocal program

4. Brief readers on Auditory Feedback, Mindset and Reflective Practice

5. Focus Area Trackers

6. Monthly Diary Prompts to encourage reflective learning

7. Fortnightly Diary Prompts to encourage reflective learning


Digital Download/Printable PDF.

Guided Practice Diary and Tracker

GST Included
  • Digital Downloads are available immediately after purchase.

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