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Your Voice, Mindset & Creativity w/ Vee

Online or In-Studio | w/ Dr. Veronica Stewart

What we cover:

Whether you are a beginner struggling to connect with or enjoy your voice, or an experienced vocalist looking to find an extra edge to your stagecraft or creative process, a session with our studio director, Dr. Veronica Stewart, will bring out the best in your singing, performing 'state' and creative flow. Some of the problems Vee coaches her clients through include: - Feeling "stuck" in vocalising, singing, or creative work - Overcoming stage fright and performance anxiety in realistic and sustainable ways - Moving past creative 'blocks' - Re-framing voice-related core memories - Stop feeling a strong dislike of the voice (i.e. "I hate the sound of my voice") - Processing memories through songwriting and singing - Developing effective and efficient vocal and performance techniques that balance out the style, the person and the context for performance - Experience better, more fulfilling creative 'flow' Some of the solutions you will walk away with include: - Habit forming strategies to help you overcome vocal, mindset and performance-related issues - Small, practical and consistent pieces of "homework" and tasks - WhatsApp support and accountability About Vee: Our Studio Director, Dr. Veronica Stewart, has coached and nurtured thousands of voices and performing minds over the last 20+ years, including those of our own team, and many of our studio alumni - Aria-award nominees, MusicOz winners, and hundreds of adult learners through our signature program, 'Singing for Adult Beginners'. She is a former postgraduate lecturer and research supervisor of the Australian Institute of Music, and continues a long-standing guest lecturer and tutor at Macquarie University. Vee's research ventures over the fields of songwriting and singing, creative behaviour, inspiration and human motivation. *You will be asked to fill in a client questionnaire prior to your session. Please note sessions with Vee are available on a casual basis, to a limited number of bookings per month. *Online via ZOOM or In-Studio (Canada Bay, NSW)

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 275 Australian dollars

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