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How To Prepare For An Audition

Auditions are known to be scary and nerve-racking, so how do we minimise the amount of nerves we have on the big day? Spoiler alert, PREPARE! As the saying goes "preparation is key", but what steps do we need to take to ensure we are preparing most effectively? Well I'm glad you asked! I'll be sharing a step by step to help you feel a lot more prepared on the day!

There are numerous types of auditions,

  • Entry to Tertiary Degree or Course

  • School & Amateur Theatre

  • Professional Musical Theatre

  • Agency

  • Reality TV (The Voice) etc

Each audition carries its own format, but the preparation steps remain the same. So how do we prepare for an audition?

1. Choose the right audition song

You want to choose a song that you enjoy, fits your voice, vocal range, the character you are auditioning for and age. Choose a song that shows your strengths as a singer and a wide range of vocal ability. Know the story and meaning of the song, so your performance will be believable and real! And lastly, make sure the song is appropriate within the context of the audition (for example, if I am auditioning for a Musical, I am going to choose a Musical song in similar style to the show).

2. Practise

Raise your hand if you're guilty of leaving things to the last minute?

Make sure your vocal practise isn't one of them! Schedule time to practise a couple of weeks prior to the audition. Don’t “cram” in your practise, aim for small, consistent rehearsals.

3. Hydrate & get a good night's sleep

You want to make sure your voice is well hydrated before the audition, so don’t forget to drink water! Try avoiding cold water, stick to room temperature water. Avoid eating any dairy, caffeine and spicy food prior to your audition (you will thank me later), and get a good nights sleep the night before! Sleep is essential for vocal rest and recovery.

4. Breathe

On the day, take 5 minutes before your audition to centre your breathing. Take a moment to stretch, stand up tall, roll back your shoulders and ground your feet. Breathe in, feeling the ribs, belly and back expand and slowly exhale, repeat this a couple of times and I promise you will feel a lot more relaxed and grounded!

5. Warm up

It is super important that your voice is warmed up before your audition. Run through your vocal warm up routine before you go in. If you are having trouble, ask your singing teacher to write out specific warm ups to help you on the day.

6. Positive Mindset

I like to think of auditions as a performance practice, rather than a ‘make or break’ situation (because that just leads to more unwanted stress and anxiety). Before you enter the audition room, take a moment to have a little pep talk with yourself, things like “I am well-rehearsed, I am ready”, “I’m going to go in there and have fun”. Remember auditions aren't personal, sometimes it can be that you just don’t fit what the director has envisioned for the character; they might want someone taller or shorter, take every audition as a learning experience!

Remember (as corny as it sounds) BE YOURSELF! Stay authentic! That is what the auditioner's want to see the most!


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