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The Guided Creative - Nurture Your Creative Practice (Spring 2022 Course)
The Guided Creative - Nurture Your Creative Practice (Spring 2022 Course)

Mon, 05 Sept



The Guided Creative - Nurture Your Creative Practice (Spring 2022 Course)

Empower your practice by understanding the nature of creative work, target limiting beliefs and habits, and how to harness creative ebb and flow.

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05 Sept 2022, 7:00 pm AEST – 14 Nov 2022, 8:30 pm AEDT


About this event

Join us this Spring and bring your creative practice alive

This course designed for established and beginning artists in any field of creative work: from musicians and singers/songwriters, to poets, writers and visual artists - if you work in the creative industries, this one is for you!

Drawing on research-based strategies within music and creative process, wellbeing, productivity and business management, and and her own journey of creative entrepreneurship in music, education and research, Vee will motivate and invite you to unpack your own "Creative Practice", identify the gaps in your mindset and work, and offer you insights into balancing life, work, solo-preneurship and business, while honouring your deep need for creativity. 

You will learn how to nurture your creative spirit despite the challanges of a busy, hybrid and modern artistic world.

The course includes

  • Six (6) Fortnightly 90min Live Lectures offering an intensive time for learning, self-reflection but also action and implementation in between.
  • Weekly Course Content & Implementable tasks delivered over 12-weeks
  • Workbooks and Template Printables that you may use over and over again, for creative planning and journaling. 
  • Private feedback on your creative portfolio and career design, if requested

Lecture Topics & Course Modules:

  • Lecture 1 - "Know Thyself": Why is Creativity Important to you and how to pursue it using effective boundaries.
  • Lecture 2 - When Creativity is Lost: What happens when we cannot create? Dealing with creative blocks, life obligations and stress.
  • Lecture 3 - What Do You Do Exactly? Identifying your offerings in a way that makes you proud.
  • Lecture 4 - Creativity, Finances and Asking for Money - Managing the 'ick' and moving beyond the stereotype of 'the struggling artist'. 
  • Lecture 5 - Creative Cycles - How to identify and harness your own ebb and flow.
  • Lecture 6 - Creative Planning - How to tame creativity and finish your work.

You will finish the course with the following outcomes:

  • Shift your view of change, challenge or uncertainty, and harness this for creativity, songwriting and/or project design
  • Gain razor-sharp focus on what you do, how to articulate it to others, and how to present it for market
  • will also learn to appreciate and be ok with "blurry creativity" and the opportunities that lay ahead even whe you're unsure of what it is you need to get done (and what to do when this happens).
  • Gain practical tools, downloadable templates and understandable guides for mapping and implementing your creative projects and/or work sessions.

We look forward to you joining us this Spring 2022!

Contact Veronica

For further information or if you would like to chat with Veronica prior to enrolling, please feel free to contact directly:

Dr. Veronica Stewart

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