Covid-19 Info + Studio Guidelines

Thank you for adhering to the following safety precautions and procedures

Covid-19 Info + Studio Guidelines

Last updated: January 11, 2021


Update 7/5/2021:

NSW Health requires all adults and teens to wear masks indoors until Sunday, 8th May, 2021. Singing in educational contexts/indoor recreation such as our  is permitted - for details, click here. All patrons, staff and students are encouraged to wear a mask in-studio; Masks are not mandatory in indoor recreation settings - for details, see here.


As per our standard CovidSafe procedures below, if unwell or unsure, please advise our studio and we may switch your lesson online. In-studio lessons will be modified to cover singing and music concepts that are comfortable to achieve with a mask on if preferred, however should students wish to study online, please let us know.


Update 11/1/2021:

Welcome back to our singers and families! One-One lessons and Group Classes in-studio and online recommence from Monday, 11 January, 2021. At this time, our teachers will wear masks during lessons and students are welcome to wear one, or to switch their lesson online, if you'd like.


Our group classes and semi-private lessons have changed, with new timetable schedules available for both current and new students. For more info, please click here.


Update 20/12/2020:

In-studio lessons scheduled Monday December 21 - Wednesday December 23, 2020 have now been switched as online lessons. For setup instructions, click here.


We are pleased to announce that One-One lessons may resume in-studio from Monday, June 15, 2020. Group vocal classes will remain online for the remainder of 2020. Our studio is registered as CovidSafe, with a set of procedures and teaching modifications in place.

We kindly request singers, families and visitors to please read the following information. Aerosol emissions are produced while we speak and sing. It is a condition of lessons in-studio that the following are adhered to:

  • If you show any cold/flu-like symptoms, feel unwell or are unsure, Please do not come in - we will sing online. In light of recent community case reports, if you have been in the proximity of a NSW Health advised hotspot, please opt to have your lesson online even if you are not required to self-isolate. Our cancellation policies remain in place, but we will offer flexibility where reasonable. If you are a close contact, are directed to self-isolate, or are found to be positive for Covid-19, please inform us.

  • Our studio teaching rooms have spacing floor marks of 3m apart - Please adhere to the distance and positioning requirements during lessons. Only 2 people are allowed inside each teaching room.

  • Please do not sing directly in front of your teacher.  Instead, sing towards the markers on the wall. 

  • Please wash hands and sanitise them when entering prior to your lesson. You will be provided with suggestions and teaching modifications for in-studio lessons. Our teachers may opt to wear a mask when required at this time and masks are available for you to use during your lesson if you wish.

  • Parents, please consider dropping your child off and waiting inside your carThis assists us in reducing our numbers in studio.

  • Visitors who are not in our schedule or who are not a direct relative of a singer booked in our schedule must sign in. This is mandatory for tracing and safety, if required. Details are kept only for the purposes of tracing and Visitance (digital registration) is used for this purpose. Details are not kept for any other purpose than to communicate with visitors if required.

  • We encourage visitors to download and use the CovidSafe app. The CovidSafe app is used in-studio and remains active all the time.

  • We encourage online learning where possible at this time. Our Zoom lessons are efficient, modified and practical.


Our teaching rooms and equipment are cleaned and sanitised after every lesson, and as such, we request singers and visitors to please allow teachers time for this when visiting.​

We thank all of our singers, families and community for your support and cooperation while we endeavour to make your lessons and visits as safe, fun and enjoyable as possible during this time.

Stay Safe, and keep singing!

The Sydney Voice Studio Crew