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4 things you can do today to improve your singing voice

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Anyone who loves to sing studies, performs and works on their voice a lot.

It's important to ensure you take moments to de-stress, relax and take care of the body that houses your voice - and to just chill out and enjoy your craft.

Here are some very simple tips you can do to improve your singing voice today:

1. Keep your voice (aka yourself) hydrated

It is very important that your voice is well hydrated when singing or even speaking!

This will help you maintain a healthy voice and prevent dryness or irritation. Water

helps to lubricate your vocal folds, allowing them to work efficiently and may help create a clearer sound.

2. Warm-up and Cool-down your voice

Warming up the voice is also an important step that can help improve your singing!

Your voice is generated by your larynx; a part of your body (within your neck) comprised of a combination of muscle, soft tissue, and cartilage. Like the need to stretch before and after a big run or training to prevent injury and create flow within the body, warm-ups and cool downs attune your voice prior to, and after, singing. Not only is it important for the health of your voice, it helps us feel more prepared and comfortable before we jump into a song.

3. Breathe with intention

Having a look at your inhalation before you sing a note or during warm ups can cause a

great impact to improve your singing voice. Be conscious about how you breathe. Be intentional and work on your technique as much as you would work on other areas, like pitch. You want to make sure you are enjoying an open and comfortable inhalation, not a tight or staggered way of breathing. You can practice your breathing literally anywhere! Try this: Before bed lay on your back and place

one hand on your chest and one below the belly button. Try to focus your breath

towards the belly button and inhale. Inhale slowly for 3 counts, hold for 2 and release slowly for 3 counts. Repeat.

4. Meditate and find some quiet time

Meditation has many benefits (and there are many sources online that can help) - for singers specifically, the relaxation that meditation brings allows you to loosen any pockets of tension - such as around the jaw, neck, shoulders and forehead - which aren't helpful for singing. Try an app like Sleep Stream or Calm and set a timer for 2 minutes. Sometimes, that's all that's needed to reset the body and mind for singing.

5. Last, but not least...enjoy your singing.

What is the point of it all if it weren't to allow yourself the joy and thrill of singing a song. Feel your voice and body in unison, close your eyes, and feel all the feels! It's just as important to allow yourself to move into a flow state as it is to study your technique. You've heard the phrase "analysis paralysis" right! Well, often singing students who are super passionate can get stuck in this space...which is never conducive to free, flowing and enjoyable creative expression.

So...practice enjoying singing just for the joy too. It is just as an important a skill!

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Kendra Dolan
Kendra Dolan
15 de ago. de 2021

Lovely blog youu have

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