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Escaping Writers Block When Songwriting

Updated: Feb 12

Sometimes a brilliant creative idea for a song can come while you're having your morning cup of coffee, or when you drive home from your day job.

From there the idea flows at such a rapid pace and before you know it, you've finished a whole song.

Other might be a few months before idea appears and the days start to combine like an eternity of writers block.

No matter how many songs you listen to or instagram feeds you scroll, the motivation is lost and even when you feel it, the outcome might not be up to the standard you wished for.

Personally, after writing my first album, I too have experienced the spiral of blocked writing, with little motivation once I released my first body of work.

Here are some useful tips that kick started my escape from writers block:

  1. Refresh your music playlists: Songs that once fuelled a spark in you and now no longer need to be replaced with new songs that initiate creativity. Explore different genres and artist, just because they may not be your style of writing doesn't mean they wont inspire something else in you.

  2. Buy a blank journal: Having a book for word dumping is perfect for leaving a writers block. Set a timer everyday for 20 minutes and start writing! The cool thing about this is that you can write everything that you're thinking and it doesn't matter whether it makes sense or has structure or anything.

  3. Refine your word dump: Circle, highlight or rip out any words or themes that strike out to you from your word dump practice. From there you can either grab another book or use the same one to keep note of theme for your next song writing session.

  4. Collaborate with other artists: It goes without saying that every artist goes through writers block, its nothing to be ashamed or secretive about so use it as a conversation starter with

I hope these tips help you as well!

Julia Vaccaro

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