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Workshops & Online Courses

Our short workshops and online "mini-courses" in singing make it easy to learn singing at your own pace and within the comfort of your own creative space.

Check out  what we'll have on offer from April 1, 2020 below...

Singing: The Basics

In-studio or Online


In this series of workshops, we cover the basics of singing and the voice:

  • Breathing and airflow for singing

  • What is Vocal Technique

  • Basic musicality - singing in tune, in time and in key

  • Simple songs and how to apply appropriate technique

  • Vocal health and how to take care of your voice

  • Fear and Performance: How to move past performance anxiety

Creative & Professional Singing

In-studio or Online

In this series of 4 workshops, we cover style, musicianship and vocal tricks and beginners songwriting.

  • ​Vocal Gymnastics, riffing and melismas - How to begin!

  • Belting for beginners

  • Melodic Improvisation for beginners

  • Songwriting for beginners

  • Business skills for singers

  • Tech & Equipment for singers: How to talk to a sound engineer