Singing Lessons for Children

Inspiring a love for music, creative expression and confident performance during the younger years of vocal development

Singing Lessons, Learning Music & Performance Skills for Children 5-12yrs


Inspiring a love for singing, music and performance over the younger years of vocal development

Children are a joy to teach and are welcome for one-one singing lessons and performance coaching at our studio, where our friendly, kind and inspiring teachers focus on developing both a love for music and singing, as well as facilitating good singing habits and technique over the foundational years of voice and performance skill development.

For very young children (5-8yrs), lessons strictly revolve around what youngsters find interesting and curious about singing, easy music theory and basic scales/songs in order to develop the foundations of music and aural skills. 

Children from the age of 8-10 years often have a stronger interest in music and performance, while children aged 10-12 years undergo the voice changes that occur during puberty.


Over these ages, our focus is to support young singers by teaching them about their changing voice, while strengthening their music/aural and performance skills.

Frequently Answered Questions - Children


My child loves to sing but cannot sing in tune. How long does this take to improve?


Yes - most likely. Children learn pitch far quicker than most age groups due to their quick propensity for learning, provided that they learn within a safe, kind and encouraging environment. It takes time and we recommend that parents approach pitch development and accuracy no differently to learning a musical instrument.


Your child must learn how to manage their breathing, vocal fold vibration, resonance and posture all while learning the many notes that exist within a song. It's a lot of coordination but, with time, patience, and practice, hearing your child sing well, in tune and all while enjoying themselves is an absolute joy once it takes place! We promise!

My child is VERY shy, can your teachers help?

Yes, absolutely - however we ask parents to have patience and trust in the process of developing a child's confidence in performance. Singing in front of others is very much like dancing, playing sport or acting in front of others - it requires preparation and a strong sense of self-esteem before it can be done confidently.

We facilitate this by gaining the singer's trust, and slowly working through easy singing tasks such as scales and simple songs in front of their teacher, in front of other students, and eventually, in front of parents.