Singing Lessons + Voice Training for Teens
& HSC Students

Strengthening a love for music, creative expression and confident performance & preparing HSC students for successful assessment outcomes

Singing Lessons for Teens


Singing & Performance for Beginner - Advanced Teens


For teens interested in singing, no matter what level or experience they come with (most often, there's already a natural skill for music there!), lessons for teens revolve around improving and explaining the benefit of developing their vocal technique, musicianship skills, creative expression and self-confidence.

If they have an interest in stage performance - not all students care to perform and many simply enjoy learning singing as a serious hobby - we help develop this through frequent performance sessions, intensive workshops and collaborative singing with teachers and other fellow students.


Our aim is to inspire a life-long love for music, singing and self-expression, while developing strong pre-requisite technical and musical skills in the event that teens continue on to study music for their HSC.

Voice/Performance Training & Assessment Preparation for HSC Students


Preparations for Successful Assessment Outcomes

Singing for the HSC is an exciting and challenging time for students! 


Voice/Performance training and assessment preparation for students who choose to study and perform for Music 1 or Music 2/Music Extension during their HSC years focus on strengthening and expanding the following skills:

  • Vocal technique and the ability to sing repertoire that shows evidence of high-level vocal expression, dynamic variation, range and register control.

  • Strong musicianship and collaborative skills; HSC singers are expected to perform with peers, professional musicians, backing vocalists and clearly communicate music concepts related to singing and repertoire.

  • Maintain vocal health and stamina/endurance for performance.


Our studio assists singers with sourcing repertoire, musicians (ensemble/accompaniment) and liaise with their school's music faculty to ensure assessment outcomes are met.

For singers going through their HSC, it is ideal to begin vocal training and singing lessons from Years 9/10, however we are able to assist HSC singers on a case-by-case basis for students who require immediate support.