Vocal Exercises & Scale Albums

Simple (13 tracks; 70-90bpm)


Perfect for beginners and children, these scales are slow and reach up to 5 notes. Aim to establish good breathing, airflow and resonance. Don't forget to stay relaxed and keep your posture straight, but not stiff.


Using the sounds OO, HOO and HEE, follow along the scales and aim to sing gently, consistently and accurately. Stay relaxed and become aware of your voice. How does it sound? How does it feel?

These scales are free to stream or purchase the album/single tracks to download.

Easy (14 tracks; 100-180bpm)


In this collection of vocal exercises and scales suited to beginners through to advanced vocalists wanting to re-establish good singing technique over easier melodic patterns, explore faster tempo, quicker inhalation gaps and wider vocal registration.

This album includes Major scales and interval melodies of up to an octave at between 100-150bpm making it perfect for singers who have established good technique and can progress to faster scales/wider registration.

These scales are free to stream or purchase the album/single tracks to download.

Tricky (20 tracks*; 120-200bpm)

Tricky Vocal Exercises + Scales...are scales and exercises to aspire to and work towards.

In this album, singers should have already established good technique and have the ability to move through lower and upper registration without too much fuss. These scales extend from the easy album, and includes faster progressions, double turns and more challenging scales that span over an octave. 

This series is perfect for intermediate - advanced vocalists. 
*This album is available for purchase soon and more tracks are coming up. For now, stream each available track for free.