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Singing Lessons for Young Singers

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Inspiring a love for music, creative expression and confident performance for young singers aged 6-16yrs

Our teachers provide lessons that are engaging, fun and memorable while developing the following:

  • Improving their ability to sing through age and voice phase appropriate vocal technique. Pre-teens and teens have unique voice training needs as their voices change and grow.

  • Understanding their voice and becoming confident with using it creatively.

  • Musicianship skills

  • Creative expression and enjoyment

For very young singers aged 6-8 years, lessons revolve around developing their aural skills, easy to understand music theory and singing songs that are enjoyable, helping to support reading, timing, confidence, and working with music accompaniment.

For students who begin to show an interest in stage performance, we develop and teach the following skills through frequent performance sessions in-studio and externally:

  • Staging

  • Music and singing technology, PA systems, microphone technique and sound acoustics

  • Expressive patter and audience connection through

  • Collaborative singing with teachers and other fellow students

  • Working with live accompaniment and other musicians

Getting Started:

To get started, book an introductory lesson and voice assessment or contact our studio.

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