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My adventures in learning a new skill as a singing teacher...

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

A common theme for us here at our studio is that adults are nervous to start singing as a new skill. There may be some nerves when you first come in but I am here to prove that it is never too late to start learning a new skill!

For myself, singing comes naturally as it is something I have done for years! Unfortunately learning the trumpet… not so natural…

It can be frustrating at first, starting from the bottom, not sounding as good as I want, the patience needed is definitely tested. I can relate to this feeling through the new journey of me learning the pocket trumpet! I recently bought it not expecting to be great at it, but I did think, due to my ability in playing other instruments, that it would be a bit easier than what it actually is!

There are some days where I pick up the trumpet and have no clue what I’m doing and to be honest the sound that comes out doesn’t sound too good...

However, there are other days where, after putting more time and effort, I can see an improvement. This small improvement motivates me to continue pursuing the trumpet and not give up.

I do find that getting help and guidance from a coach or a friend has a larger impact on maintaining motivation throughout learning a new skill, so I am planning on investing in this soon.

Take a look at these videos to see my slight improvement!

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