Echo On 2020: Virtual

To celebrate YOU - our wonderful group of studio singers and students, we are pleased to continue our yearly recital tradition in a format that has become synonymous with the year 2020 - a 'virtual' concert!

Our end-of-year event, Echo On, will be conducted as a livestream solo performance, held in a solo "distanced" and CovidSafe way, held over 3 days:

  • Sunday, November 22, 29 and December 6

  • Performance allocations available between 1pm - 6pm

Each singer will be allocated around 30mins. You may choose from:

  • A live and livestreamed performance to perform 2-3 songs for family and friends to watch via a Zoom link. Up to 2 seated guests can come along with you

  • A live performance (not livestreamed) to a limit of up to 2 seated guests

  • A video recording of your performance

  • You may share your Zoom link with your own friends and family if they'd like to watch.

Performance timeslots are limited; if you are interested in performing, please advise your teacher and register your interest by November 15.

We look forward to sharing this special learning, and performing experience, with you!

Your teachers,

Veronica, Nicole, Alyssa and Prithvi

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