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Can Beginners Learn Easily and Sound Good?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

This is a very common question we get asked by adults who have never sung before, and of course, a very valid one!

I personally thoroughly enjoy working with beginners as it is very fulfilling, and I know our teaching crew feel the same way. We get excited when our students start singing notes that they once couldn't, or complete a performance looking and sounding like a total professional.

Many students find it intimidating at first, but we promise this feeling wanes quickly once you get into the nuts and bolts of singing realises it is a learnable skill.

The voice is an instrument everyone possesses, and can train it to sound good, feel flexible and sing well. The outcome will depend on:

  • Your interest in music and how much you enjoy, engage and listen to it. This allows you to immerse in the craft itself.

  • Your investment in time and practice, and in doing it the right way. Often, singers think they require hours of practice per day. This is true if you are preparing for a performance or tour with a multi-song set! But not if you are just learning and starting out.

  • Your natural voice limits, such as your range.

  • Your expectations. Sometimes we have adult beginners who want to sound like Beyonce overnight. Now that won't happen! Instead, lessons aim to develop your own personal sound and style.

What has been your experience with singing as a beginner?

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