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Your Teachers & Coaches


Our friendly teachers/coaches have a collective 30+ yrs of experience in singing and vocal pedagogy, songwriting, live performance, recording, musicianship, self-accompaniment, research and the music industry. 


We live and breathe music and enjoy sharing our love for singing with our students, to inspire the singers we work with and of course, develop some serious vocal and musical chops in the process!

All of our teachers are trained singers and musicians who hold relevant qualifications, industry affiliations and child safety checks:

Scroll down to learn more about our teachers and coaches - Veronica Stewart, Andrea Metry, Nicole Issa, Alyssa Cavaleri, Teriece McCully and Prithvi Singh.

veronica stewart


Dr. Veronica Stewart - or 'Vee', as she is affectionally known around our studio, is the owner, lead voice teacher, performance coach and teacher trainer of the Sydney Voice Studio. She is also a proud mama of three, and highly values the benefits of singing and music for children. 


Veronica is a former appointed national council, board member and vice-president of the peak body for Australian singing teachers, The Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS) and works as a sessional/guest lecturer and tutor for the vocal studies and creative industries units within the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University. An avid researcher and advocate of the benefits of singing and musical creativity, her PhD research investigated vocal creativity and songwriting in Australia and is one of the largest studies on singer-songwriter creativity.


Veronica has over 15 years of teaching and coaching experience, and over 20 years of singing, performance and music industry experience. Over this time, Vee has provided support, training and mentorship to hundreds of artists, professional singers and students. To check out more of Veronica's experience in singing and performance, click here. 


In her spare time, Vee loves singing to her children, gardening, being a "soccer mum" (who, incidentally, thoroughly understands the juggle that many of our studio parents face!), songwriting and writing poetry. 

If you'd like to work with Vee, please drop us an email. Veronica loves working with singers of all levels and ages - including children, teens and adults. Sessions are most effective for singers with specific technical issues, are at an intermediate-advanced level, some understanding of voice physiology and are committed to developing and extending their skillset.

andrea metry


Andrea Metry is the studio manager, principal singing teacher and teacher trainer of the Sydney Voice Studio. Andrea is a highly experienced teacher, singer and vocal coach, and focuses on HSC student training, vocal health, vocal care and vocal technique. Andrea's students have a successful track record of attaining Band 6 HSC results.


Over the last six years of working as a principal of our studio, Andrea has worked with hundreds of students, young and young at heart, and has been called on for vocal support for artists and singers, such as Hi-Five!


Andrea is an experienced performer too, who loves to sing RnB, Riffs, Melisma and Vocal Gymnastics - she is often our go to girl for learning vocal tricks and complicated melodies!


Andrea holds a Bachelor of Sound and Music Design from the University of Technology Sydney.

Andrea works with adults, adult beginners, children, young singers, teenagers, HSC students and tertiary students. Andrea is also experienced in working with professional vocalists, technique adjustment and artists.

nicole issa


Nicole Issa is an Australian singer/songwriter born and raised in Sydney. After being exposed to music from her Arab heritage, her passion for singing and performing was born. Growing up, Nicole played music whenever she had the opportunity, leaving her with the reputation of constantly singing. It wasn't until she picked up a guitar in her early teens that Nicole began songwriting, clutching inspiration from artists such as Matt Corby, Amy Winehouse and Missy Higgins.


While currently completing her final year of a Double Degree in Music and Psychology at Macquarie University, Nicole has recently been performing around the Inner-West and Sydney CBD venues. Her guitar and voice have reached many platforms ranging from intimate bar shows to supporting fellow Australian artists such as Mark Wilkinson and Ackers.


Nicole recently released her first single 'Relevant' for the youth organisation BYSA, to help spread awareness for victims of domestic violence victims. Alongside this project, Nicole has also provided backing vocals for fellow artist, ARIA nominee Odette on her Lotus Eaters tour (Sydney Shows), the ‘Take It To The Heart’ music video and on Odette's cover of the Gangs of Youths song 'Magnolia' on Triple J’s Like A Version. Nicole enjoys working with singers of all levels and loves sharing her passion for singing, songwriting and self-accompaniment

Nicole works with children, young singers, teenagers, tertiary students and adult beginners. Nicole also teaches guitar skills, self-accompaniment/music theory for singers and songwriting.

alyssa cavaleri


Known for being a passionate musician, Alyssa has been singing, performing and sharing her craft for over 8 years. Alyssa holds a Bachelor of Music from JMC Academy in Sydney and is constantly shares a positive approach to learning singing and music, which she brings with her into our studio.  


Alyssa’s music experience started off at a young age with musicals in primary school. Enjoying performing so much, she continued singing in various solo and band performances, learning different genres and styles. Being a huge fan of Jazz, Pop, RnB and Soft Rock, Alyssa is known for being a diverse singer who brings passion and versatility towards the different techniques of each genre.


Alyssa loves interacting with others and supporting other individuals through their own musical journeys, whether that be in professional music settings or simply singing for leisure. Alyssa enjoys working with children, teens and adult beginners. She is a regular performer in the Sydney scene and works as both a singing teacher, a professional singer/session vocalist and guitarist.

Alyssa works with children, young singers, teenagers, tertiary students and adult beginners. Alyssa also teaches guitar skills and self-accompaniment/music theory for singers.

teriece mccully

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prithvi singh

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