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To get started, you may either trial an introductory lesson or jump straight into term-based or casual lessons/coaching. 

Lessons are held from Monday - Saturday, 8:30am - 8pm.

We are closed on public holidays and our terms align with the NSW public school schedule.

Trial an introductory 30-minute lesson + study kit - $40

  • Includes a voice/aural skills assessment and a chance to meet any of our teachers to trial a short singing lesson or vocal coaching session. We keep this fun and light hearted for young students and beginners, and chat about how lessons can be structured for you or your child.

  • Includes a singing voice study kit with resources and vocal exercises to get started with at home. 

Term-based weekly lessons from $380* per term

  • Associate teachers: $400 per 30-minute/10-week term or $380*

  • Principal teachers: $500 per 30-minute/10-week term or $475*

  • Studio director/specialist coaches: $700 per 30-minute/10-week term or $665*

  • We also offer 45min and 60min lessons. *5% discount applies for fees paid at the start of each term.

Casual or fortnightly lesson bookings from $45* per lesson

  • Associate teachers: $45 per 30-minute lesson 

  • Principal teachers: $55 per 30-minute lesson

  • Studio director/specialist coaches: $70 per 30-minute lesson

  • We also offer 45min and 60min lessons.