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Course 2 - Creative Singing

Learn how to sing with expression, embellishment and style in 4 weeks

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Course 2 - Creative Singing

Online; 4 weeks from September 1, 2020


In this series of 4 workshops, we cover style, musicianship and vocal tricks. We also cover the vocal technique required to really get your singing voice sounding stylistic, unique and creatively expressive. This is suitable for beginners with some understanding of vocal technique or advanced singers who would like to expand on their musical and stylistic approach.


To get the most out of this course, a pre-requisite understanding of the basics of singing (see Course 1) is recommended.

  • ​Week 1 - Technique vs Style: Get it working together through exercises that develop both; Song choices for each singer

  • Week 2 - Riffing & Improvisation: Learn how to bend, slur, curl and ascend/descend through note patterns found in R&B, Country, Blues & Pop

  • Week 3 - Soft to Loud: Micro dynamics, Belting and how to do it well

  • Week 4 - Songwork: Applying creative voice skills to song

Course Start:  September 1, 2020, Tuesdays @ 7:00pm Syd AEST via ZOOM (75mins)

Course Instructor: Dr. Veronica Stewart


$160 or $16 per week* for Sing@Home members

*Over the Covid-19 Lockdown Period, our studio is offering our ONLINE memberships for just $16 a week to access UNLIMITED online group classes and courses.