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learn. sing. create. perform.

Key Aims & Outcomes


  • To have a baseline assessment and knowledge of the needs of the student in the following FOUR key areas:

    • Vocal technique, health and development​

    • Musicality, aural skills and accompaniment

    • Creativity, imagination and improvisational skills

    • Performance skills and confidence

  • If relevant, assess in the following TWO sub areas

    • Industry requirements

    • Educational requirements 

  • To sequentially extend the singer in all key areas and sub areas as required. 

Vocal Technique


  • Clarity and vocal quality

  • Range (how high, how low)

  • Registration points

  • Flexibility and ability to move between registers

  • Breathing and airflow

  • Posture

  • Alignment



  • Upon arrival, take attendance and greet parents.

    • Check details are correct.

    • Check for any health/medical requirements.

    • Check for any food allergies.

  • Learn about your singers.

  • Ask about their background in singing/interest.​