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Learn from our Professional Singers & Voice Teachers

In-studio or Online


Work one-one with our professional singers, performance coaches and voice teachers to develop your own vocal technique, musicianship skills, creative expression and your confidence in performance.


From children, teens and HSC students through to adult beginners, and professional singers/speakers, we work with students from all walks of life and inspire a life-long love for music, singing and self-expression.

One-one lessons may be booked casually or reserved as a term-based weekly time. We also cater for online learning and use  a combination of ZOOM and online teaching resources to ensure our singers and students get the most out of our voice teachers.

ONLINE LESSONS - How to Prepare Your Tech & Singing Space

Voice, Performance & Creativity Workshops/Seminars


We hold 60min and 90min workshops and seminar style talks both in-studio and online on all things singing - from in-depth topics about voice technique, and the voice as an instrument, through to masterclasses on style, riffing, belting and more.

Our Workshops & Seminars are pitched to singers with an intermediate-advanced level of singing knowledge, however beginners with a serious interest in singing are very welcome!

We have the following workshops and mini-courses in the works:

  • Singing Basics

  • Understanding the breath - Breathing, Resonance & Airflow

  • Belting vs Yelling/Screaming - How to approach those intense upper range notes!

  • Vocal Health Basics

  • Fear & Performance - How to move past performance anxiety

  • Business Skills for Singers & The Creative, Musical Type!

Sing with Friends!

Group Classes & School Holiday Programs ONLINE


Our Term-based weekly classes are a great introduction to the world of singing, musicianship and performance. Learn the basics of singing, solo parts, harmony and develop your singing and performance skills with friends in a fun and light-hearted environment. All classes include participation in an in-studio performance twice per year.

Our Classes:

  • 45min Singing Bees - Pre-School (3.5-5yrs)

  • 45min Singing Birds - Kindergarten to Year 2 (5-7yrs)

  • 60min Junior Glee Class - Primary Years (8-12yrs)

  • 60min Glee Group - High School (Wait List)

  • 60min Sing Up Group Ensemble - 17+ (Wait List)

*Our Group Classes are currently scheduled to resume ONLINE from Term 2, April 27, 2020. 

Our Award-winning School Holiday Programs are held every school holidays and combine both singing, performance and music theory into fun, engaging and exciting practical "real-world" singing!

  • Discover Your Creative Voice: Learn how your special voice works, why it is unique and how to sing well by learning how to improve your technique. This full-day workshop includes group and one-one coaching, as well as a short performance at the end of the day.

  • Singing & Courage 101: Ever felt scared about performing or getting up in front of others. Perfect for young ones who are extremely shy, this workshop is designed not to intimidate young singers. We learn the parts of the brain responsible for this and the ways we can calm it down in order to move past our fear of performance. There is no performance at the end of this workshop; Instead, teachers will perform in front of students and invite them to perform collaboratively as a way of gently inspiring participants to a point of courage.

  • Stage Performance Skills: This program teaches performance skills on stage, including audience interaction, patter, effective song expression and how to use technology such as microphones, a PA system and speakers. A fun, engaging and practical workshop, singers end the day with a performance for family and friends!

  • Songwriting 101: In this program, children learn the basics of song arrangement and write a song throughout the day with one of our coaches and musicians. We look at some of our favourite songs and analyse different song parts, melody and accompaniment. There is no need for students to know how to play an instrument - just bring a notebook and a pen!

  • Record Your Own Song: Garageband, Music production, Sound Effects and more! Our young singers learn the basics of music recording software and have some fun recording either their own original song or a cover song. Bring a USB drive!

**Our School Holiday Programs will be offered as an ONLINE Mini-Course online over the April 2020 School Holidays.

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