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Workflow - Songwriting 101



  • Songwriting skills

    • Gain basic tools for songwriting.

    • Appreciate the process of songwriting.

    • Write one song with a basic chord structure.

    • Acknowledge copyright and ownership of song.

  • Admin reminders:

    • Ensure all morning and afternoon tea is ready (fruit, water for participants).​

    • Ensure all parents/participants are asked about any medical requirements, allergies and medication. 

    • If there is a medical requirement, ask parent to fill in the Special Info Form (located in the studio).



  • Open studio + setup

    • Desk & waiting zone - Craft, pens and paper

    • Main teaching area - Screen, desk, keyboard and speakers

    • General Tidy

  • Login​​

    • View workflow

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  • Prep

    • Print the Songwriting 101 Workbook

    • Download the Songwriting Ingredients Powerpoint



  • Colour In - The Larynx

  • Ask participants to fill in the first page of their workbook.

  • In the group, share and discuss Songs, Songwriting and Purpose - and any difficulties.

  • Set a Goal for teenage students.

TEACH: Parts of a song


  • Refer to the powerpoint "Songwriting Ingredients" provided and the corresponding workbook page.

  • Prompt students to think about what makes up a song.

VIDEO: 4 Chords by The Axis of Awesome & The Making of Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You"

  • Prompt students to think of what makes each song different despite having the same chords.

  • Prompt students to see how a song has different overlapping layers and parts.

TEACH: Song Frames (Arrangements)


  • Refer to the corresponding workbook page.

  • For the purposes of today, encourage students to stick to a basic arrangement.

VIDEO: Song Arrangement Examples

  • Prompt students to work out what parts they can hear.

  • What arrangements can be heard?

  • Differentiate between simple and complex arrangements, and that complexity requires skill.



  • Refer to the corresponding workbook pages on "Song Ideas, Words + Take an Idea" - After this segment, let them know that YOU will write a song in front of them for FUN!

  • Encourage students to work alone for this and allow some thinking time.

  • Visit students and see how they are going from time to time, and encourage brainstorming outside of the box

TEACH: Write a Verse & a Chorus for fun!


  • Bring the group together and discuss ideas and words.

  • Ask the group for an idea and explore this by writing a verse and a chorus in front of them! 

  • This is important as it shows the fun and flow in the process. It shows that mistakes can happen and that's OK!

PRACTICAL: Write Songs for the rest of the day!


  • Refer to the remaining workbook pages and encourage students to follow the steps.

  • For larger groups, ask students to wait until you let them move on to the next workbook section.

  • Visit students and work with them to encourage their work + As required, work with each of them on chords and melodic ideas.

    • Rhyming words

    • Begin writing phrases

    • Melody & Harmony (as required with teachers throughout the afternoon)

    • Write your song draft

    • Write your song neatly

WRAP-UP: Show & Tell + Respecting songwriters and the Australian Copyright Act


  • Bring the group together for a mini-performance of a section of their song if they are willing to share.

  • Discuss Respect in relation to the craft of songwriting and remind students that this is THEIR OWN WORK and that they are now protected by Australian Copyright Act (A law)! Very cool!

  • Yay! Congratulate everyone on a JOB WELL DONE! Encourage your students to continue their creative journey ahead!



Thank you for an excellent job facilitating today's workshop and for inspiring young minds to respect the arts!


Close the studio

  • Remember to tidy up and re-set the studio. Please remove all rubbish and wipe-down desks/keys.

  • Lock-up if closing

Admin reminders

  • Return any medical items or medication to parents.

  • Ensure students leave with their bags etc.

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