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Creative Voice Workshops for Corporate & Community Groups/Teams

Our bespoke Creative Voice Workshops integrate practices in singing, voice training and performance for Educators, Sales Teams and Professional Groups.

Elevate how you share your message and connect with others...


Your Voice = First Impressions.


Did you know that singing, stage performance, vocal expression and songwriting encompass skills that support and develop elevated team connection, expression, authentic presentations, engaged listeners, vulnerability/strength and personal wellbeing?


The sound of your voice and how you deliver your message reflects your confidence level, and can affect the outcomes of your communication.


If your message matters, explore how an evidence-based, fun and immersive creative voice workshop based on singing/music practices, can benefit your workplace.

Our bespoke and evidence-based Creative Voice Workshops are tailored to include:

- An understanding of your problem areas and team purpose (for example, teachers in High School have unique voice and communication style needs to Primary School or Early Childhood educators)

- Team-building exercises based on singing, performance, songwriting and creative self-expression

- Materials, handouts, vocal exercises and a 4 to 8-week implementation for each of your team members, along with ways to measure impact afterwards.

- Workshops are written, presented and facilitated by our studio founder and director, Dr. Veronica Stewart. Veronica has presented on her research and related topics in Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil and Sweden, working with groups of between 20 to 300+ participants. Veronica has been featured in The Sunday Telegraph, Body + Soul and Australian Voice.

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