Our Story


Starting from a humble home studio in Burwood in 2006, The Sydney Voice Studio was founded by our director - singer, music researcher and mum-of-three, Dr. Veronica Stewart. Thousands of students later, the studio has grown into a bespoke teaching, performance and creative space in Canada Bay, with professional networks that link teachers, students, clients and community to the music industry, secondary and tertiary institutions, and international learning and teaching opportunities.

Yet most of all, our studio is proud to teach the many benefits of singing to people in our community, and from all walks of life.


Our students and teachers benefit from our ​ sound treated studios with three beautiful teaching rooms equipped for both in-studio and online teaching, providing an excellent environment for ​learning, experience and creative expression. 

No longer a home studio, yet small enough to certainly feel like home for many of the families and clients we work with.



We continually seek and implement new and research-based methods in singing, voice science, musicianship and wellbeing, ensuring our teaching is always up to date for the benefit of our students and singers. 


We believe that creativity through music is an important, life-long skill that offers far more than music performance alone. From flow-states, to self-discipline; Expression to writing...not to mention the maths of music - singing and music education offers an environment for developing confidence, emotional connection, logic, language, communication, problem-solving and cultural awareness.


Students and clients may take part in up to ten performance opportunities per year. Today, our performance events encompass both live, online and hybrid contexts where students engage in staging, technology, recording and both live and live-streamed performances.


Our teachers often perform collaboratively with our students. We encourage collaboration and ensemble work between students and over the years, many of our singers have formed friendships and artistic partnerships.

Our annual end of year showcase/recital, Echo On! is held in-studio or in various professional performance spaces in Sydney. Our singers and students have performed at The Australian Performing Arts Grammar (Broadway), The Tom Mann Theatre and the Paddington Uniting Church.

Venue Hire

Our studio is available for venue hire by likeminded professional modalities or groups. Click here for more information.